Education Update: RN/EN Medication Assessment

As Registered and Enrolled Nurses you are accountable for your medication administration within Residential Aged Care facilities.

The main errors reported are:

  • Medication administered but not signed as administered;
  • Medication signed as administered but found in packaging, not given;
  • Medication found left beside resident’s bed; and
  • Medication for one resident administered to another resident.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission monitors clinical practice (including the management of medications) in a Residential Aged Care Facility to ensure that expected Standards are maintained. Errors in medication not only pose a significant risk to the health and welfare of a particular resident but also to accreditation of the Residential Aged Care Facility and could impact upon your ability to practice.

Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in errors reported to Heather Hill Nursing Agency in relation to medication errors from 18 in 2018 to 35 in 2020 (to date).

In order to address this Heather Hill Nursing Agency requires all Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses to undertake an annual medication assessment online as well as at any other time that is assessed as appropriate and can expect to see continuing on-site auditing of medication administration practice.

Please review the Heather Hill Nursing Agency ‘Safety with Medications’ policy document and then complete and submit the below assessment. Once you have answered and submitted your assessment will be reviewed by a senior registered nurse and you will be able to see this through the “checks” tab in the online portal.

Relevant Policy

Online Assessment

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Thank you for your cooperation with this important resident safety initiative.

Warm regards,